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I am a multidisciplinary immersive theater artist specializing in immersive production, direction and narrative design. My experience as a writer, educator, musician, and circus artist informs my approach to storytelling. LA Weekly describes my work as utilizing “a fine balance between physicality and introspection".

Current Projects/
Artist in Residence

Latest Work
The Tiger's Bride

Coming in the Fall:

Cirque du Grunge

Following on the success of previous forays into Rock and Roll history, Cirque du Grunge is coming to plunge you into the world of the underground grunge scene. Brooklyn rockers PERSONS play a full set like its 1989 in Seattle, WA all over again. Surprises await as rockers climb high in the air, moshers perform herculean feats of contortion and spurned girlfriends spin fire! Participants are encouraged to dress in their best flannels and docs prepare for a night to remember. 

The Tiger's Bride

A feminist retelling of famous fairytales, this immersive project features circus, dance, theater and a live soundtrack featuring the music of singer/songwriter Lily Desmond and instrumentalist projections by Liquid Light Lab. Developed with the support of Anver Entertainment, Shotgun Players and 5th Wall Studio. Currently in residence with The Cell Theatre.

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Cirque du Punk - Lot 45 - Sept 27th 2017-563.jpg


“Themes of change, death and rebirth abound in this peculiar production, a triumph of style and low-budget ingenuity.”

"Lamia is more than a show—it creates a full theatrical experience that engages the audience in thought and action, calling into question the faith we all place on love."


-Theatre Is Easy

"Beautiful voices, haunting music, and surprises that are in store in what is truly immersive theatre done to perfection by a very talented troupe."


- Electronic Link

"Suzanne Karpinski’s direction utilizes a fine balance between physicality and introspection to create an eerie sense of foreboding throughout a play that even has the audience questioning reality at times."

-LA Weekly



Conceived and Directed by Suzanne Karpinski

Lighting Design by Liquid Light Lab

Sound Design by J Warner

Choreography by The Ensemble

Live Music by Ellis Ashbrook

After Burn
Written by Barbara Garshman

Lighting Design by Cate DiGirolamo

Costume Design by Magdelen Zinky

Sound Design by Jessica Hart

Stage Manager: Rebecca Shafer

Cirque du Punk
Conceived by Suzanne Karpinski and Torrie Ogilvie


Choreography by The Ensemble

Music by TREADS

Lamia: A Dance-Theater Exploration
​By Molly Haas-Hooven


Choreography by Shannon Stowe

Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo

Costume Design by Tilly and William

Music Composed by John Barber and Janna Pelle

By Esti MacInnes


Set Design by Rochelle Voyles

Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo

Sound Design by Eben Mannes

Stage Manager: Jonathan Steiger

Music performed by Jared Fontaine

Standard Aptitude
​By Sam Byron


Set Design by Anshu Bhatia

Costume Design by Caitlin Cisek

Lighting Design by  Dante Olivia Smith

Sound Design by Beth Lake

In the Hand of Dreams
Written and Directed by Suzanne Karpinski

Original Score Composed and Performed by

John Barber and Alex Major


Set Design by Brittney Vasta

Costume Design by Tristan Raines

Lighting Design by  Graham Kindred

Sound Design by Ien DeNio

Madness In Valencia
By Lope de Vega, trans. by David Johnston


Set Design by Kurt Boetcher

Costume Design by Wes Crain

Lighting Design by Karyn Lawrence

Sound Design by Suzanne Karpinski
Prop Design by Laura Napoli



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