Cirquedelic: An Immersive Concert Experience 
Conceived by Suzanne Karpinski

Lighting Design by Liquid Light Lab

Sound Design by J Warner

Choreography by The Ensemble

Music by Ellis Ashbrook


The Band:

John Barber

Ryan Gildea

Jon Granoff

Alex Major

The Ensemble:

Victoria Ariadne

Beckett Arnold
Shawn E Shawn
Maks Turner
Ania Upstill
Randy Wilde

After Burn
Written by Barbara Garshman

Lighting Design by Cate DiGirolamo

Costume Design by Magdelen Zinky

Sound Design by Jessica Hart

Stage Manager: Rebecca Shafer



Alicia Benavides

Nadine Carey

Peter Celos

Ashley Grace Coia

Faoud Farran

Maria Martinez

Leif Steinert

Dan Solomon

Michele Williams

Cirque du Punk
Conceived by Suzanne Karpinski and Torrie Ogilvie


Choreography by The Ensemble

Music by TREADS


The Band:

Emily "Madge" Maggiotto

Glen Gentzke

Kris "Hawt Me$$ Bass" Thompson

The Ensemble:

Juanita Cardenas
Kira Fath

Gemini B Litz
Tara McManus

Torrie Ogilvie

Lamia: A Dance-Theater Exploration
By Molly Haas-Hooven


Choreography by Shannon Stowe

Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo

Costume Design by Tilly and William

Music Composed by John Barber and Janna Pelle


The Band:                  Featuring:

John Barber               Amy Fulgham

Janna Pelle                Kelsey Foltz

Alex Major                  Janice Gerlach

Dan Keller                  PJ Johnnie     

Natalie Lowe              Brent Shultz

                                   Aurea Tomeski

By Esti MacInnes


Set Design by Rochelle Voyles

Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo

Sound Design by Eben Mannes

Stage Manager: Jonathan Steiger

Music performed by Jared Fontaine



Alexandra Campos

Kelsey Foltz
James Lindsay

Esti MacInnes

Kat Murphy

Andreas Pina

Malachy Silva

Jeremy Swift

Standard Aptitude
By Sam Byron


Set Design by Anshu Bhatia

Costume Design by Caitlin Cisek

Lighting Design by  Dante Olivia Smith

Sound Design by Beth Lake

Stage Manager: Dale Smallwood

Assistant Director: Mia Sommese


Jeffrey Adams
Noam Blanks
Amy Fulgham
Janice Gerlach

In the Hand of Dreams
Written and Directed by Suzanne Karpinski

Original Score Composed and Performed by

John Barber and Alex Major


Set Design by Brittney Vasta

Costume Design by Tristan Raines

Lighting Design by  Graham Kindred

Sound Design by Ien DeNio

Stage Manager: Dale Smallwood

Assistant Director: Margaret Hee



Rafael Albarran              Elizabeth Fleming

Noam Blanks                  Leslie Marseglia

Ariana Yasmine Khan     Brent Shultz

Janice Gerlach               Alfie Fuller 

Aurea Tomeski               Amy Fulgham

Margaret Hee

Madness In Valencia
By Lope de Vega, trans. by David Johnston


Set Design by Kurt Boetcher

Costume Design by Wes Crain

Lighting Design by Karyn Lawrence

Sound Design by Suzanne Karpinski
Prop Design by Laura Napoli

Stage Manager: Suze Campagna



Juliette Angeli               Joseph Beck

Jay Bogdanowitsch       Wil Bowers

Paul Byrne                    Craig Calman

Brandon Clark               Matthew Garland

Michael Holmes            Vivian Kerr
JJ Mayes                       Laura Napoli

Tyler Tanner


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