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Bottom of the Ocean

“Themes of change, death and rebirth abound in this peculiar production, a triumph of style and low-budget ingenuity.”

- The New York Times Critic’s Pick review

"The entire time I am in [Bottom of the Ocean], I am filled with awe, wonder, and joy at what I am able to see, do and experience. While exploring an alien world, and taking part in the most unusual of rituals, I somehow feel completely catered and cared for. In a post-pandemic world of entertainment, BOTO stands high above other immersive shows I have seen so far.

In short, BOTO is beautiful, unique, and has my absolute highest recommendation possible."

- No Proscenium review

- Twice chosen as a Critic’s Pick in No Proscenium’s 2021 year end list

“Its individuality and fantastical beauty is not to be missed.”
- Bushwick Daily review

“NYC’s most intimate immersive show”
- TimeOut premiere of BOTO’s video trailer



Lamia: A Dance Theater Exploration

STAGE BUDDY interviews Suzanne about "Lamia" at the New York Fringe Festival.


"Lamia is more than a show—it creates a full theatrical experience that engages the audience in thought and action, calling into question the faith we all place on love."

-Theatre Is Easy

"Original, compelling, and heartfelt..."

- WSN Highlighter


The Gas House


“[The Gas House] has considerable talents providing heat on stage…Suzanne Karpinski certainly helps to make their connection palpable.”

-backstage west

“It’s a tribute to the charm, talent and passion of [actors] Jablon and Hanna, and the skill of director Suzanne Karpinski, who also provides effective sound design, that eventually we do care about these people.”


-l.a. weekly

True Genius

"Suzanne Karpinski’s direction utilizes a fine balance between physicality and introspection to create an eerie sense of foreboding throughout a play that even has the audience questioning reality at times."

- l.a. weekly

Madness In Valencia

"The production is fast paced and high octane and frequently in danger of crashing into the stands, yet director Suzanne Karpinski keeps it on the asphalt...a madcap frolic worthy of Benny Hill. "

- edge

"Director Suzanne Karpinski provides a lively and colorful production...a knockabout farce, or a sort of Renaissance sitcom." 

- backstage west 

"There's an amiable goofiness in Suzanne Karpinski's staging of her 13-member ensemble, and this is the right company to pull off a show so influenced by the Italian Commedia clowning."

-l.a. weekly 

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